Amiga Longplay [168] Super Cars II

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Description: Played By RickyC This is a play through for all the difficulties of the game. Maybe my best play without something going unsyncness or anything :) A very addictive game on 2 player i have to say...i played it a lot against my friend online...and i cant get enough :) There is a bug with this game where some of the answers to the questions that you get asked between races are wrong. LIke you maybe correct one times but if you give the same answer another time they will tell you its wrong. Thats why i totally messed up my answers on driving instructor guy in easy mode...because i wasnt sure which answer this time he would say was right....this bug mainly affects this guy...and he is prb the most important question guy -_- so its very annoying!! oh another bug also! if the AI cars skip part of the track it wont matter. They will advance the places they take. Not too big a deal but it really effects race 6, i think, on hard mode. This race is near impossible to get in the top 5. You can do everything right and not make it. The cars love to skip the twisted road bit so save like at least five seconds. im surprised i got to the end of hard mode because that race among others i lose a lot.

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