The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

A Look Back at the Memorable Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Ad

A Memorable Game Day Commercial

The 2012 Volkswagen Game Day commercial titled 'The Dog Strikes Back' is one of those Super Bowl ads that leaves a lasting impression. This extended version of the commercial features the sporty and all-new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle as a central character, along with Bolt the dog and an unexpected guest.

Inspiring Bolt the Dog

The storyline of the commercial centers around Bolt the dog, who, inspired by the sight of the new Volkswagen Beetle, decides it's time to get in shape. The ad humorously follows Bolt's rigorous workout routine as he strives to be as fit as the sporty Beetle.

An Intergalactic Surprise

What makes this commercial even more memorable is the surprise appearance of an intergalactic superstar. This unexpected twist adds an extra layer of humor and excitement to the story, turning it into a pop culture moment.

The Impact

The 2012 Volkswagen Game Day commercial received widespread attention and became a talking point during and after the Super Bowl. The combination of humor, a catchy storyline, and an appearance by an intergalactic celebrity made it a hit with viewers.

'The Dog Strikes Back' is not just a car commercial; it's a piece of Super Bowl history. The ad masterfully blends humor, inspiration, and surprise, making it a memorable addition to Volkswagen's advertising legacy. It's a reminder of how Super Bowl commercials can create lasting memories.