Super Bowl 2012 Commercial: Pepsi - King's Court

Pepsi's Regal Super Bowl Ad Takes Viewers to the King's Court

Super Bowl 2012 Commercial: Pepsi - King's Court

Pepsi took center stage during the Super Bowl in 2012 with a regal and entertaining commercial titled 'King's Court.' This memorable ad not only showcased the iconic refreshment of Pepsi but also transported viewers to a royal setting filled with humor and excitement.

A Royal Journey

The 'King's Court' commercial opens with a royal decree, setting the stage for a humorous and lively journey. Viewers are introduced to a vibrant court filled with characters dressed in regal attire, bringing a touch of grandeur to the Super Bowl screen.

Regal Humor and Excitement

As the narrative unfolds, the characters engage in comical and entertaining scenarios, adding a layer of humor to the regal theme. The juxtaposition of the traditional royal setting with modern and amusing elements creates a memorable viewing experience.

Iconic Refreshment of Pepsi

Amidst the regal festivities, Pepsi takes center focus, emphasizing its role as the beverage of choice even in the grandest of settings. The commercial effectively blends the regal atmosphere with the refreshing and modern appeal of Pepsi.

Creativity and Impact

The 'King's Court' commercial by Pepsi stands out for its creativity, humor, and overall impact. Super Bowl ads are known for their entertainment value, and Pepsi delivered a memorable and regal experience for viewers during the 2012 game.


In the realm of Super Bowl advertising, Pepsi's 'King's Court' holds its place as a regal and entertaining commercial that successfully captures the audience's attention. With its blend of humor, excitement, and the iconic refreshment of Pepsi, this ad remains a notable moment in Super Bowl commercial history.