Chevy Happy Grad: A Memorable Chevrolet Commercial from Super Bowl XLVI

Zack Borst's Winning Entry to Chevrolet's Route66 Competition

Chevy Happy Grad: A Super Bowl XLVI Highlight

Chevrolet's Super Bowl XLVI commercial lineup featured a standout entry that left audiences laughing and cheering. Titled 'Chevy Happy Grad,' this memorable commercial was the winning submission by Zack Borst in Chevrolet's Route66 competition.

Zack Borst's Winning Entry

Zack Borst's creative genius took center stage with his winning entry to Chevrolet's Route66 competition. The competition invited aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent and create a commercial that would be featured during Super Bowl XLVI. 'Chevy Happy Grad' emerged as a crowd favorite, earning the spotlight during this major sporting event.

Watch Zack Borst's winning entry to Chevrolet's Route66 competition:

Chevy Super Bowl Commercials 2012

As part of the 2012 Chevy Super Bowl Commercials, 'Chevy Happy Grad' became an instant hit. The commercial brilliantly captures the joy, humor, and excitement of a young graduate receiving a special gift – a Chevrolet. The unexpected twists and turns in the narrative, along with the comedic timing, make it a memorable and enjoyable watch.

Route66 Competition and Super Bowl XLVI Fame

The Route66 competition by Chevrolet aimed to celebrate creativity and storytelling. Zack Borst's entry stood out for its entertaining storyline and the perfect blend of humor and brand promotion. Super Bowl XLVI viewers across the nation witnessed the charm of 'Chevy Happy Grad,' solidifying its place as one of the noteworthy commercials of the event.

Relive the Laughter

Even years after its debut, 'Chevy Happy Grad' continues to be a source of laughter and fond memories for those who experienced its magic during Super Bowl XLVI. The commercial's enduring popularity speaks to the timeless appeal of a well-crafted and humor-filled advertisement.

Whether you're revisiting the commercial or discovering it for the first time, 'Chevy Happy Grad' remains a shining example of the creativity that Super Bowl commercials can bring to the forefront.