Zippo Ad Commercial

Exploring Nostalgia and Old-Style Effects in a University Project


Step back in time with a uni project that brings the nostalgia of classic advertising to life. This Zippo ad commercial, created as part of a university project, takes inspiration from the past while experimenting with old-style effects to create a unique and memorable piece.

Nostalgic Elements

The charm of this Zippo ad lies in its nostalgic elements. It harks back to a time when advertising had a distinct style and flair. The uni project aims to capture the essence of classic Zippo ads, which were known for their timeless appeal.

Uni Project Experimentation

As a university project, this Zippo ad commercial serves as a platform for experimentation. The creators have played with old-style effects, adding a touch of vintage aesthetics to the advertisement. The project is not just about promoting a product but also about exploring the artistry of advertising.

Old-Style Effects

What sets this Zippo ad apart is its use of old-style effects. From visual treatments to sound design, every aspect reflects the era it draws inspiration from. The creators have carefully curated an experience that transports viewers to a time when Zippo ads were iconic.

In conclusion, the Zippo ad commercial created for a uni project is a delightful journey into the past. It combines nostalgia with experimentation, offering a unique perspective on classic advertising. The old-style effects and attention to detail make this project a standout in the realm of university creations.