EDS's 2000 Super Bowl Ad: The Running of the Squirrels

A Hilarious Take on the Running of the Bulls

EDS's 2000 Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl ads are known for their creativity and humor, and EDS's 2000 commercial, 'The Running of the Squirrels,' is a shining example of advertising brilliance. In this unforgettable ad, EDS takes a humorous twist on the traditional 'Running of the Bulls.'

The Running of the Squirrels

In the commercial, viewers are treated to a scene reminiscent of the iconic Spanish event. However, instead of the expected bulls charging through the streets, a hilarious stampede of squirrels takes center stage. EDS cleverly plays on the idea that squirrels, despite their small size, can be more dangerous than bulls in their own way.

The ad captures the chaos and unpredictability of the 'Running of the Bulls,' replacing the fearsome animals with a comical swarm of squirrels. The unexpected nature of the commercial, coupled with its humor, left a lasting impression on Super Bowl viewers.

Humor and Advertising Brilliance

What makes EDS's 'The Running of the Squirrels' stand out is its ability to blend humor with a clever play on expectations. The unexpected nature of the ad adds an element of surprise, making it a memorable addition to Super Bowl commercial history.

EDS successfully delivered a message that stuck with audiences, proving that even the smallest and seemingly harmless creatures can take center stage when approached with creativity and wit.

Legacy of a Laugh-Out-Loud Commercial

As Super Bowl commercials come and go, EDS's 2000 ad remains a classic in the realm of humorous advertising. The Running of the Squirrels continues to be celebrated for its comedic brilliance and the enduring message that, in the world of advertising, squirrels might just be more dangerous than bulls.