Katy Perry's Voice Brings 'The Smurfs' to Life in 3D (2011)

The Pop Star's Debut as Smurfette

'The Smurfs,' the beloved blue creatures from the popular animated series, made a splash in 2011 with their 3D feature film. While the little blue characters brought joy to audiences of all ages, there was one voice behind the character Smurfette that was instantly recognizable - that of pop sensation Katy Perry.

Katy Perry as Smurfette

Katy Perry made her animated film debut by voicing the character Smurfette in 'The Smurfs.' Smurfette is the only female Smurf in the village, known for her distinctive blonde hair and her charming personality. Perry's voice acting brought Smurfette's character to life and added a touch of star power to the film.

A Pop Star's Animation Debut

While Katy Perry was already a global pop sensation, her role as Smurfette marked her first foray into the world of animated films. Her distinct voice and lively personality were a perfect fit for the character, making Smurfette an even more endearing part of the Smurfs' world.

Bringing Smurfette to the 3D Screen

The 3D technology used in 'The Smurfs' allowed the characters to come to life in a whole new way. Katy Perry's voice acting contributed to making Smurfette a dynamic and engaging character on the big screen, appealing to both young audiences and longtime fans of the Smurfs series.

Katy Perry's debut as the voice of Smurfette in 'The Smurfs' 3D (2011) added an extra layer of charm to this beloved animated world. Her contribution to the film helped make it an enjoyable experience for both fans of the classic series and newcomers alike, and her voice will forever be associated with the lovable character Smurfette.