Pepsi MAX® - Torpedo Cooler

A Finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Contest

An Innovative Super Bowl Finalist

The Pepsi MAX® - Torpedo Cooler commercial was not your typical Super Bowl ad. It was a fan-made finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl 2011 contest, and it showcased innovation and creativity in a refreshing way.

Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Contest

The Crash the Super Bowl contest allowed fans to create and submit their own Pepsi MAX commercials for a chance to have them aired during the Super Bowl. The Torpedo Cooler was one such finalist, and it demonstrated the power of user-generated content and fan engagement.

A Refreshing Concept

The Torpedo Cooler concept was simple yet innovative. It featured a cooler packed with Pepsi MAX bottles that could launch at high speed to quench your thirst, even in the most challenging situations. The commercial showcased the power of Pepsi MAX in a fun and unconventional way.

Entertaining and Memorable

What made the Torpedo Cooler commercial stand out was its entertainment value. It offered a unique take on enjoying Pepsi MAX, and its memorable concept made it a finalist in a prestigious contest known for creative and engaging Super Bowl ads.

The Legacy of Fan-Made Ads

Pepsi MAX® - Torpedo Cooler represented the growing trend of fan engagement in advertising. User-generated content and fan-made commercials continue to be a popular choice for brands looking to connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

The Torpedo Cooler was more than just a Super Bowl commercial; it was a testament to the creative potential of fans and their ability to shape the advertising landscape. It remains a memorable example of innovation in marketing and fan engagement.