Pepsi MAX® - Elevator Girl

A Finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Contest

An Exciting Super Bowl Finalist

The Pepsi MAX® - Elevator Girl commercial was one of the remarkable finalists in the Crash the Super Bowl 2011 contest. It brought excitement and creativity to the Super Bowl commercial scene.

Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Contest

The Crash the Super Bowl contest opened the door for fans to create and submit their Pepsi MAX commercials, vying for the chance to have them featured during the Super Bowl. The Elevator Girl was a standout finalist, demonstrating the power of fan engagement and creativity.

A Captivating Concept

The Elevator Girl commercial featured a clever and captivating concept. It showed an elevator ride that turned into an exhilarating adventure with unexpected twists and Pepsi MAX, highlighting the beverage's thrilling qualities.

Entertaining and Engaging

What made the Elevator Girl commercial memorable was its entertainment value and the surprise element it brought to viewers. It successfully engaged the audience and showcased Pepsi MAX in a unique and memorable way.

The Rise of Fan-Made Ads

Elevator Girl was a testament to the rise of fan engagement in advertising. User-generated content and fan-made commercials have become an essential part of connecting with audiences on a deeper level.

Pepsi MAX® - Elevator Girl was not just another Super Bowl commercial; it was a shining example of fan creativity and engagement in the advertising world. It stands as a testament to the power of fans to shape the marketing landscape.